Ahhh, you guys! Where has summer gone?!

One moment it’s spring and I’m wrapped up the luxury of fresh spring buds and flowers and birds singing and the next thing I know it’s almost time for fall!  While I’ve been on a hiatus from the blog recently, I’ve still been styling, creating, and DIYing over on Instagram.

Speaking of which, I wanted to share with you all a really exciting project I worked on this summer with the ladies of Bay Area Home.

Meet Amy, Janine & Marci, Laila, Lizbeth, Reesa, Susana, Tamara & Joan, and of course, me!

Bay Area Home Ladies

We met each other through social media and our shared love of home decorating and décor. We figured out we all lived in the Bay Area and immediately knew we just had to meet. Once we got into the same room together, it quickly turned into an idea-fest of creativity, brainstorming, laughter and wine.

One of the things I love about this group of women is how eclectic all of our styles are. We range from modern chic to boho chic, glamorous to rustic, modern to classic. Sometimes, when working on a design project, I tend to identify with and gravitate towards what I already know. But working together, we suddenly realized that the unknown and the unexpected can bring forth so many bright new ideas. That’s why we thought it would be fun to team up for a summer design project to see all the different ways our friends and followers decorated their homes for summer. And so, the hashtag #SummerYourHome was born.  Each week, for 6 weeks, we posted a new challenge on Instagram. The 6 challenges were:

Week 1: Summer Sofa

Week 2: Summer Bedroom

Week 3: Flowers

Week 4: Porch or Entryway

Week 5: Summer Entertaining

Week 6: Summer Vignettes

Each week, we struggled to pick a winner. We received so many entries from wonderful friends and followers who played along and we are so grateful and inspired! Below are the 6 winners, along with links to their individual Instagram accounts. I hope you follow these talented friends to see what they come up with next. Also, make sure to check out the Instagram hashtag #SummerYourHome to see all the beautiful entries!

Week 1: Summer Sofa  |  Winner: Deborah at @blountdesigns


Week 2: Summer Bedroom |  Winner: Liana at @viva_lila


Week 3: Flowers |  Winner: Kathy at @lovefabdecor


Week 4: Porch or Entryway |  Winner: Wendy at @lifeontheshadygrove


Week 5: Summer Entertaining |  Winner: Andrea at @andreak_houseofcovella


Week 6: Summer Vignettes |  Winner: Laura at @destrophoto


Also, if you want to check out the talented women of Bay Area Home, you can find these lovely ladies here:

Amy: crazychicdesign.com | @crazychicdesign 

Janine & Marci: happyhappynester.com | @happyhappynester

Laila: designsbylaila.blogspot.com | @designsbylaila

Lizbeth: homeandfabulous.blogspot.com | @lizbeth08

Reesa: modmaxglam.com | @modmaxglam

Shayna: withlovefromca.com | @withlovefromcalifornia

Susana: toochicforwords.com | @toochicforwords

Tamara & Joan: 2ladiesandachair.com | @2ladiesandachair

Here’s to enjoying these last few gorgeous weeks of summer,



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