DIY Valentine’s Day Paper Heart Garland

After I hung my DIY foam heart garland the other day, I noticed that my mantel was still feeling a bit empty. I stared for a while, ransacking my brain, and finally decided what it needed was another, larger Valentine’s Day garland to pair with the sweet little foam hearts.

DIY Foam Heart Garland

I was in the midst of planning a trip to the craft store to search for some cute Valentine’s Day supplies, when I realized that it was after 7pm on a Sunday and the craft store was closed. So instead, I raided my craft supplies to see what I had on hand.

I was happy to find: (1) a few extra rolls of ribbon; (2) pink, red, and white paper; and (3) the big winner—Valentine’s Day themed scrapbook paper that I had found in Target’s dollar bins a few years back. My girlfriends and I had used it to make homemade valentines, but there was plenty leftover for a quick DIY craft.


Red, pink, and white paper | valentine’s day themed scrapbook paper | pen or pencil | scissors | glue | hole punch | ribbon


1. Cut out one large heart to use as a tracer. I traced a heart shaped bowl I had, but you can always use the simple trick of folding a sheet of paper in half to cut out a perfectly symmetrical heart.

DIY Paper Heart Garland

2. Trace your heart onto pink, red, and white paper. I made 3 hearts in each color per garland. This made for 9 hearts and a garland that was approximately 4 ½ feet.

3. Cut out hearts with scissors.

4. Take your tracer and draw a smaller heart inside, approximately ½ of an inch inside the border.

5. Cut out the smaller heart and use as a tracer on your scrapbook paper. Flip the scrapbook paper over and trace on the blank side so you wont see pencil lines on the final product.

6. Cut out smaller hearts with scissors.

DIY Paper Heart Garland

7. Use small dots of glue to adhere smaller hearts inside larger ones.

DIY Paper Heart Garland

8. Punch two holes in the top of each heart. I measured the first heart I punched to make sure the holes were evenly spaced and level, and then used that heart as a marker for the rest. Place the heart with punched holes over the remaining hearts and mark where each hole should be. Punch remaining hearts.

DIY Paper Heart Garland

9. String ribbon through holes. The ribbon should weave behind each heart and over the sides to attach to the next heart. Leave approximately 2 inches between each heart.

DIY Paper Heart Garland

10. Hang and enjoy!

I made enough hearts for two garlands, so I hung one up on our fireplace mantel and one in the kitchen:

DIY Paper Heart Garland

So cute, and so easy!

Happy {Almost} Valentine’s Day!



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