DIY Foam Heart Garland & My Valentine’s Day Mantel

Do you remember my DIY gold star garland from the holidays? It was so fun and festive and easy to make that I may have gone a bit overboard with the production of it…which means it just about covered every surface of this house during the month of December.

When it came time to take it down, I was so sad. Once it was gone, something seemed missing. So I knew that once Valentine’s Day rolled around, I wanted to modify the design to make heart garlands.

I totally encourage you to try this DIY–as long as you have a sewing machine, this is a really simple project with minimal supplies and a BIG, adorable impact.


Red and pink craft foam | pen or pencil | scissors | thread | sewing machine


1. Create 3 different sized heart tracers: small, medium, and large. I drew mine by hand, but if you want them to be perfect, you can always print them off your computer.

2. Trace the hearts onto your craft foam.

DIY Foam Heart Garland3. Cut out hearts and separate into 3 separate piles – one for each size heart.

DIY Foam Heart Garland4. Run hearts through the sewing machine. Alternate between large, medium, and small size hearts. Pull out about 6 inches of thread before you start. Leave another 2 inches or so between each heart you attach, and another 6 inches at the end of your garland for hanging.

DIY Foam Heart Garland5. Hang and enjoy. It really is that simple!

DIY Foam Heart GarlandThese are so easy to make and they’re so cute! I used half of a sheet of red and half of a sheet of pink foam and together they made two long strands of heart garland (about 6 feet each). I strung one up on my mantel and the other on the bar we just moved into the kitchen.

These are extremely lightweight and easy to hang anywhere. Some other cute places might be over windowsills, on top of doorways, or over a headboard or mirror.

And speaking of my mantel, I wanted to make sure I shared with you a close-up of my Valentine’s Day decor:

Happy {Almost} Valentine’s Day!



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