Hello 2015

Hello 2015

Hello, 2015. It’s lovely to meet you.

It’s a new year, which means a new slate for creativity. Just a few weeks ago, I was admiring my holiday decorations, thinking how happy I was with the state of our little house. Reminiscing about my favorite projects of 2014. And wondering if I would run out of space to decorate or creative ideas for 2015.

Now I’m staring at a blank space in our family room that we cleared out for the Christmas tree and dreaming of the new possibilities. Ideas are popping into my head left and right. And you know, if I change one thing, well it’s kind of a chain reaction, now isn’t it? I like to think of it as a if-you-give-a-mouse-a-cookie” problem…

…If I do x, I have to change y…

…If I fill the empty space with a chair, it will need wall art over it. If I create new wall art, it will have to balance with our huge map…

…If I paint the walls, I’ll have to get a new rug to match. If I get a new rug, I’ll have to re-stain the table a darker color…

…If I invest in a new desk, I’ll have to invest in a new desk chair. If I get a new desk chair, I’ll need new coordinating desk accessories…

These are just some of the ideas running through my head and some of the issues I’m excited to tackle {on a budget} in 2015. Here’s the quick rundown room-by-room of what you can expect to see around the house and up on the blog this year:

Kitchen: I’m thinking of moving the home office out and the bar in. I’m also thinking we need a big area rug in here to cozy it up.

Family Room: You can expect to see more DIY pillow covers this year as the seasons change. Plus we’re space planning for the area to the right of our fireplace that previously held our bookshelf, and then our Christmas tree. Also, more book storage.

Dining Room: I’m dreaming of a complete re-do in here and finally saying goodbye to the awful green paint. New walls, new rug, new curtains…new furniture? ::sigh:: A girl can dream.

Office: The home office is getting an upgrade. It’s time for grown up furniture and a more polished look. And new desk accessories, of course.

Bedrooms: Last year I organized my jewelry, this year, it’s going to be my shoes. Also, fresh paint please.

Bathroom: Plain white is out and a pop of color is about to be in. Time to liven it up with fresh towels and bathmats and some DIY storage solutions.

So you see, I pretty much have a plan for every room in the house. Literally. Every room. That’s doable, right?

I guess it’s on, 2015!

Is there something special you want to see? Leave me a comment below or send me an email at withlovefromca@gmail.com. Don’t forget to check out my Pinterest to see what inspires me, and my Instagram for sneak peeks of what I’m working on!

See you out there!



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