DIY Glitter Holiday Ornaments

One of the things that is so special about our Christmas tree, is that each and every ornament has its own story. It is a tree full of memories—of loved ones, of laughter, and of holidays and mile markers past. There are ornaments from my childhood. The sleigh of popsicle sticks I made in 2nd grade. The glitter pinecones I made in Girl Scouts. The gingerbread man I crafted for my dad when I was 12. And more recent ones. A cheerleading santa from college. One from each year Justin and I have been together. One for our engagement. And our first apartment together. And one crafted from our wedding invitation. Countless ornaments from my best friend (who is equally crafty). And ones I’ve made together with my mom (she’s a whole other level of crafty). And ornaments shopped for with my sister.

It makes me so happy to look at them and relive all the special moments. Which is why, for as long as I can remember, I have been giving ornaments as gifts to my friends and family. Each year I come up with a new idea of something to make, and each year I get the joy of adding to the collections and stories of my loved ones.

I may be biased, but I thought this year’s idea was particularly adorable, so I wanted to share this easy DIY with you. It all started when I found these cute holiday wood cut-outs at Michaels for $.29 each. Twenty-nine cents!

DIY Ornaments

I scooped them up by the handful and brought them home. I picked out moose, deer, snowflakes, and snowmen, but there were many more options to choose from.


wood cut-outs | metallic spray paint | mod podge | sponge brush | fine glitter | Krylon’s glitter blast clear sealer | ribbon | hot glue gun & glue | accouterments

1. Spray paint the wood cut-outs. I spray painted both sides of mine, because I wanted the back to look finished too.

2. When the paint is dry, use a sponge brush to paint the area you want to apply the glitter to with mod podge.

3. Immediately pour the glitter on top and shake away the excess. Allow several hours to dry.

4. When dry, spray with Krylon’s glitter blast clear sealer. This will help seal the glitter onto the ornament so it doesn’t flake off and leave a glitter trail wherever it goes.

DIY Ornaments

5. When dry, use a hot glue gun to attach a loop of ribbon to the back.

DIY Ornaments

6. Finish off with accouterments. I had extra red pompoms and rhinestones left over from last holiday season that I used to make noses for some of the deer. I also used jingle bells, rhinestones, and miniature bows to top the rest of the ornaments off. Just use hot glue to attach.

So cute, right? I already have several hanging on my tree and I can’t wait to share the rest with friends and family!

Happy Holidays,



9 thoughts on “DIY Glitter Holiday Ornaments

  1. So cute!! Love them all! I picked up a couple of those and have yet to do anything with them so I may just have to do some of these!! Good thing too is I have most of this already!

    • Yes, that is the great thing about this DIY. If you are a crafter, you probably already have most of the supplies on hand. Sometimes it’s more fun to work with what you have than to go out and buy new supplies. Happy Holidays, Courtney!

  2. Thank you for the shout out in this entry!! And thank you for the adorable ornaments this year! They love their new home on our tree!

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