Decking the Dining Room

* Happy Holidays, to you! *

Today I’m continuing our festive holiday home tour from our family room into our dining room.

Our Festive Family Room

Our dining room got a mini-makeover this holiday season when we decided to move our bookshelf in from the family room, in order to make room for our tree.  One simple move quickly turned into a domino effect.

We had to move the bookshelf to make room for the tree…

We had to move the books to move the bookshelf…

They were stacked so lovely, we decided to make a book tree…

The bookshelf was now empty, so it needed some holiday styling…

…And so on and so forth, until our dining room was exploding with holiday cheer in a whole new way.

Come on in and see for yourself!  {And remember, if you’re interested in specific sources, please leave a question in the comments section and I will get back to you as soon as I can.}

Decking the Dining Room






Thanks for stopping by!

Decking the Dining Room

* Happy Holidays *



11 thoughts on “Decking the Dining Room

  1. Your dining room looks great! Very festive. I’m so glad you are such an excellent shelf decorator because I have a giant shelf that needs some decorating love with your name on it!!

  2. Do I love the star streamers around the entrance of your dining room, or the you me mistletoe now or the LOVE -four cubes with cute toppers or the AMAZING book tree..woah! … I dont know! i love em all!!! 😍😍 waiting for the DIYs..!!!

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