Our Festive Family Room

* Happy Holidays, to you! *

I’m really excited to be sharing the start of our holiday home tour with you tonight! As soon as December hit, the excitement around here began.

I had so many ideas and projects and crafts and gifts that I wanted to make that I couldn’t figure out where to start. The responsible thing probably would have been to organize my thoughts and excitement into a plan for systematic execution, but that doesn’t sound fun, now does it? So I started with this year’s holiday ornaments (I come up with a new idea to craft and gift to friends and family every year), followed it up with some personal projects for my home décor, took a break to decorate, and am now back to DIY gifts once again.

Which I guess is a long-winded way of telling you that (1) I just love the holidays, (2) I’m in an incredibly festive mood over here, and (3) a lot of the décor you’ll see in my home tour is handmade with love, which means there will be a number of DIY tutorials coming to the blog soon! Hooray!

Tonight I’m kicking off the tour with a look around our entryway and family room. If you read my last post, you know that we are a mixed religion home, and this year I decided to mix the Hanukkah and Christmas décor all together, topped off with a whole lot of winter. I challenge you to keep an eye out for the bits of Hanukkah décor, as well as my handmade treasures as we go. Can you guess what I made and what I purchased? You might be surprised! {There are way too many sources to list, but if you’re interested, please leave a question in the comments and I will get back to you re: my sources for specific items.}

Come on in!


Our Festive Family Room


Our Festive Family Room




Our Festive Family Room


Our Festive Family Room

Check back soon to see the rest of the house!

* Happy Holidays *


P.S. If you haven’t gotten around to decorating yet, there’s still plenty of time. Be sure check out my 7 Days of Holiday Cheer posts for more ideas!


12 thoughts on “Our Festive Family Room

  1. Nothing like “home for the holidays!” You have made your house a home filled with love and… Just like you it is a one of a kind beauty!

  2. Shayna your home is so cozy and inviting, beautiful! The stars you’ve strung up on your mantel and framed map (which I LOVE) caught my attention right away and I’m going to guess that you made that… Yes? It looks fantastic and what a fun idea to celebrate two different religions by blending your holiday decorations. Perfect!

    • Thank you, Daidri! You’re right – I did make those stars! I got the idea from another blog last year and I couldn’t resist. I made strands and strands of them and they are EVERYWHERE, even on the tree! They were super easy to make and I like that they are holiday neutral, but super festive. Hope you have a happy holiday and are staying safe in all this rain! xo

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