The Tree of Knowledge

Tree of Knowledge

It all started with our actual Christmas tree. Or should I say, it all started with our monster sized Pottery Barn couch. You see, the couch takes up the majority of the space in our family room, which means there isn’t much room for a Christmas tree.

Last year, we decided to put the tree in our dining room instead. Our dining room is right off the family room, so we could still see the twinkling lights from the couch.

But it wasn’t in the family room.

And if you ask me, the closer the tree, the closer the holiday magic.

Being in the dining room, it just felt so far away. So this year I decided it was time to rearrange some furniture, and the bookcase in our family room got the short end of the stick. I wanted to put our tree across from the couch, next to our fireplace, and in front of our front window. So, you see, the bookshelf had to go.

We were in the midst of taking off books and stacking them on the dining room table, when I realized, I could make a book tree!

And so, we did. I started with my big, leather-bound legal books for the base {constitutional law is the base of all things, is it not?} and stacked them up and over, down and around, from big to small, until we had the perfect holiday book tree.  The trick is to stack the books in layers, circle by circle, with each upper layer closing the gaps in the layer below.

Justin and I topped it off with a big old California pinecone we found last year and strand of my homemade star garland.

And voilà! A book tree was born!

It’s silly and whimsical, and I love it oh-so-much! I can’t wait to show you our real Christmas tree soon!




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