{Throwback Thursday} 7 Days of Holiday Cheer

It’s the first Thursday in the month of December, which means it’s time to throw it back to last year’s 7 Days of Holiday Cheer!  If you’re new to the blog, 7 Days of Holiday Cheer means 7 days, 7 decorating tips, and a whole lot more than 7 pictures to give you ideas and inspiration along the way.

7 Days of Holiday Cheer

You can check out the full series by clicking into each of the links below.

Day 1: Add a Splash of Color  |  Day 2: Bring Nature Into Your Home  |  Day 3: Ornaments Aren’t Just for the Tree  |  Day 4: Dress Up Your Bar  |  Day 5: Turn Down the Lights and Turn Up the Sparkle  |  Day 6: Decorate the Unexpected  |  Day 7: Make Your Own Decorative Accents

Or you can just peruse pretty pictures and snag some inspiration by checking out my Winter {2013} Photo Gallery here.

It’s been a busy week around here of cleaning house, packing away fall, pulling out winter, digging through boxes, dusting off decor, picking the perfect tree, and summoning up our holiday cheer. In the midst of it all, I sat down on the sofa this evening to click through last year’s photos and remind myself of what went where.  Which is probably what I should have done before I started decorating since I quickly discovered I had already given many of my favorite decorations new homes this year.  C’est la vie.

I created the 7 Days of Holiday Cheer series last December, and I’ve been impressed with how much of it continues to apply, even to this year’s decorating.  I found myself clicking into old pictures for inspiration, reading my own tips, and thinking “oh! I should try that!” Silly, I know.  But when the holidays only come once a year, it’s easy to forget what you did before or what goes where or what your favorite tips and tricks are.

Along with the holiday decor, I’ve also brought out the glitter, glue, and glitz to get started on some new DIY craft projects, decorations, and holiday gifts.  I have a TON of ideas to share with you all this year and I can’t wait!  Check back soon for a holiday home tour (just as soon as I get the rest of these decorations up!), gift ideas, and of course, DIY projects!

Happy {Almost} Holidays!




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