Turkey Talk

Do you ever just feel the need to craft? Like your hands are just itching to create? I do. It usually comes over me all at once. My mind starts erupting with ideas and suddenly I know–it’s time for glitter and glue, stat.

Luckily, my friends share my DIY love and are all too happy to oblige when I call them up for emergency craft-partners-in-crime and a glass of wine.

And that, my friends, is how these silly little turkeys were born.

Turkey Talk

It was a chilly November day in DC and my girlfriend Vanna and I were feeling a crafting itch coming on, so we pulled out a bag of pinecones, a hot glue gun, and a bottle of wine, and we got to work.

 Supplies: pinecones | pipe cleaners | pom-poms | googly eyes | felt | scissors | hot glue gun & glue sticks | accouterments


1. Feathers—4 pipe cleaners.

  • Twist a pipe cleaner into 3 large loops. Make two of these, for a total of 6 loops. Turn the pinecone on its side and using hot glue, secure the loops to the pinecone. Squirt the glue in between the layers of the pinecone. Insert the loops into the glue, next to one another, to create the back row of feathers.
  • Twist another pipe cleaner into 3 large loops. Secure with hot glue in front of the back row of feathers to create the middle row.
  • Twist the remaining pipe cleaner into 5 small loops. Secure with hot glue in front of the middle row of feathers to create the front row.
    Turkey Talk2. Face—1 pom-pom, 2 googly eyes, felt

    • Hot glue a pom-pom onto the front of the pinecone.
    • Attach googly eyes with hot glue.
    • Cut beak and wattle from felt. Attach to pom-pom with hot glue.
      Turkey Talk

3. Feet—1 pipe cleaner

  • Fold pipe cleaner in half.
  • Twist each half into 3 small loops to create feet. Make sure to leave at least 1 inch between the two feet.
  • Center the pipe cleaner around one of the bottom scales of the pinecone, and wrap your feet like you would a twist tie. No glue needed!
    Turkey Talk4. Accouterments—use whatever craft supplies you have left over from previous projects to decorate. I used sequins, but some other fun ideas are rhinestones, actual feathers, ribbon, buttons, or puffy paint.

The more turkeys we made, the sillier they got. Not having an end purpose in mind, I ended up keeping a few for my yearly holiday décor, and gifting away the rest. I shared them with friends, family, and co-workers. And they were SUCH a hit!

These little guys make a great hostess gift–simply hot glue on a loop of ribbon and attach to a bottle of wine. They also look just as cute as a desk-topper, bringing holiday cheer to your workspace and your colleagues. One of my friends even popped hers into her Christmas tree so he could masquerade as an ornament for another month or two!

If you’re feeling the crafting itch and end up making pinecone turkeys this holiday season, remember to post a photo on Instagram and tag me at @withlovefromcalifornia so I can see your results!

Happy crafting!




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