Fall Dining

Fall Dining

I have a love/hate relationship with our dining room. I love it because it is the best room in our house in terms of light and space. It has a big beautiful window that looks out over the bay and double french doors that lead out onto the deck. Sunshine streams brightly in in the morning and slowly out at night.

Unfortunately, this room also has a pale lime green paint job. Ew.

It’s not even so much that it’s a bad color, it just that it doesn’t match any of our stuff.   You know my style – Reclaimed wood.  Dark stains.  Inviting accent colors.  Embroidered fabrics.  Old books.  Chipped pottery.  Worn leather.  Mismatched pillows.  These are a few of my favorite things, and none of them involve the color lime green.

Since painting wasn’t an option (#rentalproblems), when we moved in I decided to neutralize the room the best I could with whites and tans. Most days, the green is still difficult to look at. But some days, especially lovely fall sunshine-filled days, it almost doesn’t bother me. Almost.

So let’s continue the fall home tour. Come check out our dining room – home to dinner parties, cocktail hours, craft projects, and late night study sessions around here. And currently home to fall leaves, gourds and pumpkins, acorns and more.


{French Doors}

{Dining Table}


I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour over the last week as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing it with you!  Happy Fall y’all!



8 thoughts on “Fall Dining

  1. It’s the next best thing to being there with you! You know exactly how to make a house a home, made with beautiful things and wrapped in love.

    • Thanks Kelly! I found the mirror at a local craft store and purchased it right away. Only then did I attempt to pick it up and realized it weighs about 80 pounds (literally). It was a struggle to find a way to mount it, but I love it so much. And now it’s. not. going. anywhere.

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