Welcome Fall, Welcome Friends!

Hand Painted Pumpkins

The thing about decorating is that it’s never really done, is it? You put one thing in its place and it makes you want to move another. Then you notice that you need just one more thing to pull it all together. It looks complete, and then you have just one more idea.

Do you feel me? Because that is the way it goes in our house. I decorated for fall mid-September and more than a month later I am still adding and tweaking and rearranging and repurposing over here.

Since I showed off my hand painted pumpkins yesterday, I figured I might as well keep going and show you the rest of our entryway. And as long as I’m going to show you that, we might as well go for a full fall home tour, right? 😉

So even though there are still things to do and projects to complete, come on in. We’ll be working our way through the house over the next few blog posts. And even when it’s over, well, it isn’t really over now is it? There will always be something to move, add, or create.

So come on in. Welcome, friends. Welcome, fall.

{Front Stoop}

{Front Door}



Did anyone spy empty planters? How about empty picture frames? Told you it was a continual WIP {work in progress} 😉  See you soon as we move on to fall in the family room!

{Family Room…To Be Continued}

Welcome Friends, Welcome Fall!




13 thoughts on “Welcome Fall, Welcome Friends!

  1. Looks awesome!! I love fall decorations and that is so true that it’s never finished!! We’re in between homes so we’re not decorating this year and I hate I’m missing it!!

  2. Just to let you know I stopped by for a visit and I enjoyed it! It is very true of you that you do spread happiness! It glows in and through each photo you post and all that you say and do! I thank you for that! The wreath on your front door…I love it most. It is so welcoming and radiates cheer! 🍎🌽🍏

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  5. Hi , it’s Summerbreezish from Instagram. WOA, I finally stopped by here during my lunch break. lovely pictures : the entryway really look beautiful and I love the pumpkin customized with gold paint 🙂 Bisous !

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