Creating a Functional Gallery Wall

I’ve always dreamed that one day I would have a big beautiful walk-in closet, or at least a dressing area. It would be luxurious and feminine and covered in all my pretty jewels and accessories and collectibles.

But why wait for one day?

If you’re an avid blog reader over here at With Love, From California, then you’ve probably been following our guest room chronicles {here, here, here, here, and here}. What I haven’t shared yet is the big empty wall directly across from the bed.

Functional Gallery Wall

I was originally thinking that I would create some sort of pallet wall art for this space that was stained the same color as our DIY Rustic Headboard. Or maybe frame one of the many large vintage maps we have sitting around our house to fill up the space.

But armed with my newly made DIY jewelry storage and a wall full of possibility, I just couldn’t help myself. I should add that due to limited closet space and tight quarters, I keep all of my clothes and jewelry stored in our guest bedroom. So it wasn’t totally out of left field when I decided my new DIY jewelry storage could live in there too.

But it was going to look so lonely hanging by itself…

So I got to digging in some of our never-unpacked moving boxes in the garage and I came up with some spare picture frames that didn’t quite make the cut in our new place. And then I went skipping from room to room and hunted and gathered what I needed to fill in the gaps.

I pieced it all together, and then this magic happened:

It’s all in the {D-E-T-A-I-L-S}

There are still a few nips and tucks I’d like to make {some new photos and fillers}, but it is almost there. Not bad for working with what I had!

And you know what? Getting dressed is SO much more fun now. I’m so fancy, or at least, I feel so fancy!

See something you like? You can check out my sources here:

Functional Gallery Wall

1. Frame: Michaels  |  2. Painting: Family Heirloom  |  3. Mirror: Marshalls  |  4. Key Hangers: Pottery Barn  |  5. Frame: Target  |  6. Jewelry Hanger: With Love, From CA  |  7. Frame: Michaels  |  8. Frame: Ross  |  9. Frame: Ross  |  10. Key Hanger: Pottery Barn  |  11. Frame: Marshalls  |  12. Jewelry Hanger: With Love, From CA  |  13. Lamp: Michaels

When hanging a gallery wall, always remember to lay your pieces out first for wall spacing and styling. Need further instructions? You can read more tips and tricks on how to hang a gallery wall here.

See you soon for fall décor!



8 thoughts on “Creating a Functional Gallery Wall

  1. Very nicely executed, as always, Miss Shay. Now it will be like walking into a jewelry store and you will be able to see all those baubles you forgot you even had!

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