DIY Jewelry Storage: Step-by-Step Instructions

The other day I shared these adorable DIY jewelry storage pieces I made last weekend:

So cute, right? As promised, here are the step-by-step instructions to build your own.


scrap wood  |  saw  |  sandpaper  |  pencil  |  measuring tape  |  drill  |  drill bits  |  paint or stain  |  protective gloves  |  an old rag or t-shirt (to apply stain)  |  knobs & nuts  |  picture hangers

The instructions are pretty simple, and I think the photographs tell it better than words, so here we go:

1.  Choose your wood base and cut to size. It is easiest if the wood you choose is as thick, or thicker, than the length of your knobs.

DIY Jewelry Storage

DIY Jewelry StorageAs you can see, the smaller piece of wood I chose was thinner than my knobs. To remedy this, I used a hack saw to cut the excess off the end of the knob (the bolt portion) so it wouldn’t stick out the back of the wood and I would be able to hang it flush with the wall when I was finished.

2.  Thoroughly sand the wood until it is smooth.

DIY Jewelry StorageIt’s always easier if you have a special helper.  Or supervisor.

DIY Jewelry Storage

3.  Use a pencil and measuring tape to mark out where your knobs will hang.

DIY Jewelry Storage4.  Drill holes at each marker, from the front to the back of the wood. I used a 3/16 in. drill bit for this part.

DIY Jewelry Storage5.  Flip your wood upside down, and very carefully, use a larger drill bit to carve out divots at the back of each hole. Carving out this extra space will allow you room to secure the back of your knobs, while still letting the piece hang flush with the wall when mounted. I used a 5/16 in. drill bit for this part. Place the end of the drill bit in the back of the hole and slowly rotate in a circular motion to achieve the desired result.

DIY Jewelry Storage

DIY Jewelry Storage6.  Wipe off excess sawdust.

DIY Jewelry Storage7.  Stain or paint as desired.  I used two different stains: the first layer was Minwax’s water based wood stain in American Walnut, and the second layer was Minwax’s wood finish in Red Mahogany. This is the same combination I used in our DIY Rustic Headboard that is in our guest room. I always use an old soft t-shirt or rag to apply the stain. It helps to evenly distribute the color plus the fabric will soak up any excess stain that doesn’t seep into the wood.  For more tips and tricks on using wood stain, check out my post on DIY Rustic Headboard & How to Distress Your Own Wood {Part II}. Don’t forget to wear protective gloves!

DIY Jewelry Storage

DIY Jewelry Storage8.  Wait approximately 24 hours for your paint or stain to dry.

9.  Flip your wood upside and secure picture hangers into the back. I used two hangers (one on each side) for my larger piece of wood and one hanger (in the center) for my smaller piece. Make sure to complete this step before you attach your knobs.

DIY Jewelry Storage10.  Pop in your knobs. I picked mine up at World Market for $3.99 each {plus a 10% off coupon!}.

DIY Jewelry Storage11.  Secure the knobs from the back. The divots you carved out should allow you enough room to screw on the accompanying nuts as a backing (note: the appropriate sized nuts should come with each knob you purchase). I used a pair of needle nose pliers to make sure the nuts were screwed on tightly.

DIY Jewelry Storage12.  Hang and admire. Don’t forget to add your baubles!

If you DIY, let me know how it turns out. I’d love to see your version of the project!



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