Getting Creative: DIY Jewelry Storage

DIY Jewelry Storage

Calling all accessory addicts!

One of my least favorite things about our otherwise amazing rental home is the lack of closets and storage space.  The few [tiny] closets we do have are jam-packed with coats, clothing, linens, holiday décor, and more.  Which means that I’m always trying to come up with new, creative ideas for storing and organizing all our stuff.

A big frustration of mine lately has been what to do with my ever-growing collection of costume jewelry.  With little room for display, it has been sorted into storage baskets and organized by jewelry type (e.g., necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc.).  The more jewelry I accumulate, the deeper I have to dig to find what I’m looking for, and the more frustrated I get with the way my jewelry is stored.

I’ve seen some pretty gorgeous displays with top-of-the-dresser vignettes meant to organize your jewels while incorporating them into your décor.

Above left:  Pottery Barn Glass Cloche Jewelry Storage  |  Above right:  Pottery Barn Elaine Glass Display Boxes with Antler Jewelry Tree

Above left:  West Elm Manzanita Wall Jewelry Branch  |  Above right:  Pottery Barn Perfect Shot Jewelry Hanger

It looks and sounds lovely, but the reality is, we just don’t have the counter space.  Until such days as bigger closets and wider dressers, it was time to get creative.  I found the following inspiration on Pinterest and was immediately in love with the idea:

DIY Jewelry Storage

via Pinterest

How cute is that?  I was excited and ready to D-I-Y. In fact, I was standing at the craft store in front of some big old wooden frames, when I started to think about the execution of it all.  I was so excited about the idea, I hadn’t stopped to think about the reality of putting all those holes the wall. I started to worry about the number of holes it would require (one for each knob), the thickness of each hole (screw-size), the trouble it would take to move it to another location if I changed my mind (and re-patch all the holes), and so on and so forth.

Wheels spinning, I thought about our recent DIY Fireplace Headboard project and the way we wrapped plywood and foam in pretty fabric to create a backing.  Perhaps that could work behind the frame as well?  Something like this?

DIY Jewelry Storage

via The Elli Blog

But what would really match the décor in our guest room (where I keep all my clothes and accessories – limited closet space, remember?) is the same dark wood stain we used on the DIY Rustic Wood Headboard and Wall Sconces in there.

And so, I did a little knob shopping at World Market, and a little wood hunting in our garage reserves, and I came up with this:

And then I had a little photo shoot in the gorgeous California fall sunshine.

What do you think? Step-by-step instructions coming soon here!



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