A Gardening Aside: Turning My Black Thumb Green

A Gardening Aside

It’s not that I’m a bad gardener, per se. It’s just that I didn’t know what I was doing. Enter: my mother-in-law. She came to visit earlier this summer and worked her garden magic. The first day she was here, she had already weeded our entire backyard by the time I managed to get out of bed and stumble into the kitchen for a cup of coffee. The second day, it was our front yard. And by the third day, she was demanding a trip to the nursery. Yes, ma’am.

Seeing as I was convinced I had a black thumb and anything I touched was doomed to die, I let her pick everything out. I was really just along for the ride.

By the time we got back to our garden, we had acquired a number of bright sunny zinnias for the flower boxes on our deck, a few pepper plants, multiple basil plants {“if you kill one, there will still be two left”}, and an avocado tree. As well as a serious shovel, gardening gloves, fresh soil, and some miracle grow. We were on a mission.

And so Justin dug and shoveled and heaved and ho-ed.

And my mother-in-law planted and packed and watered and taught.

And I watched and I listened and learned.

And so on and so forth, until: (1) the garden looked fantastic, and (2) I sort of felt like I knew what was going on.

Ever since then, I’ve engaged in daily watering and watching, and my weekends always seem to find time for a pruning or pinching or pulling or two. And you know what? Everything is still alive. Not just alive, but flourishing.

And…guess what else?

My fall mums finally popped back up, and so did my spring flowers that I thought had bit the dust.

Ha! Take that black thumb.



4 thoughts on “A Gardening Aside: Turning My Black Thumb Green

  1. P.S. I wanted to finish my gardening asides before the end of the month, but don’t worry, we’ll be back inside the house soon! I have lots of fun and exciting adventures planned. In fact, I’m taking out my hammer right now…

  2. Nice job! It looks beautiful! I can’t garden to save my life. While I love flowers, I know nothing about them and have no interest in it yet. I’m hoping that will change over the years to come. Good luck with your new green thumb! 🙂

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