A Gardening Aside: Garden Tchotchkes

Usually, when I hit up the garden section in Home Depot, or take a run to our local nursery Orchard Supply Hardware, I breeze past the garden tchotchke section and make a beeline for the plants.

Most likely, it’s because I’ve just killed something and I’m on a replacement mission.

But I’m proud to say that recent forays into the otherwise unexplored garden tchotchke section have been rather successful and have brought new life to my otherwise dying garden.  I can’t believe I didn’t realize this sooner.  The section where you can buy things for your garden that won’t die.  How excellent is that?!

Which is how I came to own the following things:

1.  Solar Lights

What a glorious idea.  Powered by the sun, not your electricity bill.  Which means free LED lights in the garden at night.  Justin and I picked out a set of four lanterns {Hampton Bay 4-Pack Solar LED Lantern Lights from Home Depot} to start.

I particularly liked these because they come with the equipment to either stake them into the ground, or hang them like lanterns from shepherd’s hooks.  We chose the latter, and placed them along the stone path that leads up to our front door.  They help make our front yard/walkway look more aesthetically pleasing during the day, and a bit more magical at night.  Best part?  You guessed it – free source of light.  Which means our front porch light can now spend more time relaxing, and so can our electricity bill.

While we were picking out the lanterns, we also happened to see some beautiful mercury glass looking mason jars that were solar as well.  If you know me, you know how much I love mason jars and how prevalent they are throughout our home.  So a solar version that I could leave outside?  Sign me up!  We bought a set for our back deck and they are awesome.  The solar panel is in the lid, which happily charges all day long, and then pops on at night to let the light flow through the mercury glass.  Hello sunshine, and once again, goodbye porch light.

A Gardening Aside

2.  A Garden Drum

These are very trendy right now.  I’ve seen them everywhere from Target to Macy’s to West Elm to Williams-Sonoma.  They’re great because you can use them for just about anything.  A side table.  A drink stand.  A plant stand.  A stool.  A garden tchotchke.  Whatever.  The trouble is, they can get a bit pricey.  In fact, it’s difficult to find them for less than $50, but they usually range upwards of $100.  The best I’ve seen (until my recent excursion) was $64.98 at Home Depot or $69.99 at Target (unfortunately no longer available online).

Then I came across this beauty at our local Ross Store.  For $29.99.  I could not resist.  So naturally, I bought it and placed it into my growing collection of garden tchotchkes.  Right now it’s acting as a plant stand, but I have big plans for finally getting some outdoor furniture this summer, so perhaps it will have to transition into a drink stand in the future.

3.  A {gasp} Garden Sculpture

The ultimate garden tchotchke, besides a pink flamingo and/or garden gnome, which I do not own.


This was actually a gift from Justin’s mom who came to visit and helped out with some serious garden adventures (coming to you soon).  She convinced us that we needed a little more panache in our garden.  The two of them almost had me convinced on some mini terracotta warriors.  Almost, but not quite.  The next week, this showed up in the mail.

A Gardening Aside

It’s perfect.  Simple.  Peaceful.  Lovely.  There’s even a spot on the top where you can place a candle to pump up the garden ambiance (or set your house on fire).  So we found it the perfect spot under our lemon tree and left it there to nest.

More garden updates are coming soon!  What do you think, are garden tchotchkes making a comeback?  They certainly are in this house!



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