A Gardening Aside: My Black Thumb

A Gardening Aside

How does your garden grow?  If you’re me, the answer is: it doesn’t.

I’ve never been much of a gardener.  Then again, I’ve never lived in a place that allowed for it.  My version of a “garden” living in DC equated to a new basil plant each month, which I subsequently over-watered or under-watered; waited for it to die; purchased a new one; promised it would be different this time; and started the whole process over again.

I had high hopes moving to California – it was going to be our first place with an actual yard.  Real dirt.  That I could sink my fingers into, plant little seeds in, and grow living things out of thin air, like magic.

Why is it that when you move into a new place, the outside of it seems to be the least of your concerns?  At least it always is for me.  When we got to California, I was more focused on filling the inside of our house with love first – painting walls and hanging art, finding the perfect rug or pillow or vase, decorating our new guestroom.  Luckily for us, our landlord had done a pretty rock-star job on the landscaping already, so for the first few months, we just left it as is.

Then I started to get the itch.  It started last fall when I made my own DIY Rustic Planters to frame our front door.  Which, of course, needed something planted in them.  I started with beautiful magenta, red, and orange mums.

They looked great for a few weeks, until they started to die off, and I sadly had to snip all the deadheads away.  I let them sit for another month or two, convinced that a second wave would grow back due to my careful snipping and wishful thinking.  By Christmas, I called it quits.  My wishful thinking hadn’t worked.  So I pulled them up and got ready to start over.  But, since their roots looked so healthy, I tucked them into some extra pots in the backyard.  Just in case.  {Months later, still nothing.}

My next attempt came in the form of bright red, yellow, pink, and purple spring flowers.  Don’t ask me which kind, I don’t know.  I told you I wasn’t a gardener.  But I carefully selected them from the nursery and brought them back home where I gently planted them into their new homes.  Once again, they stayed bright and cheery for a few weeks.  And then, death.  I was not about to rip them out and start over again.  So I took a deep breath, and carefully snipped them back.  Perhaps these little guys would make a come back?  Eventually?  Maybe?  No?

In the meantime, I focused my efforts elsewhere.  Spring was upon us and I was finally ready to embrace my garden.  Perhaps potted plants were not my thing.  {Did I mention the 4 or 5 or 6 basil plans we already went through since we got to California?}  But maybe roots in the ground would be…

Stay tuned to hear about new garden updates and how I managed to turn my black-thumb slightly green!

-Shayna 🙂

A Gardening Aside



5 thoughts on “A Gardening Aside: My Black Thumb

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