Stars and Stripes {Part II}

Today I’m excited to share my finished American flag wall art with you, made out of recycled pallets. I left you hanging last week while I was waiting for the paint to dry…

Stars and Stripes

After the stripes finally dried, it was time to move on to the stars. I was a bit stumped trying to figure out how I was going to paint 50 stars that all looked the same, but Justin came up with the great idea of using a stamp. So I cut a single star out of a sponge, dipped it in paint, and used it to press [somewhat] uniform stars onto the surface of the pallet.

If you look carefully, you’ll see that I measured incorrectly and there are only 41 stars on my flag instead of 50. I ran out of room for the last two rows. Whoops. I thought about expanding the blue box out to allow for the remaining 9 stars, but in the end I decided I liked it better without them. A little research shows that for historical purposes, my flag is circa November 8-11, 1889.

History lesson: Montana was the 41st state to join the union on November 8, 1889. For three days we had 41 states until November 11, 1889 when Washington became the 42nd state. See? You lean something new every day. Even when you’re crafting.

I had originally planned to sand down the edges of the pallet once I was finished painting, in order to give the piece more of a worn look, but all the layers of paint ended up doing that for me. In the end, I decided to leave well enough alone.

Except, I was still really feeling the artwork from Eastern Market and even with the multiple layers of paint, my flag was feeling much too “clean.” So I got a little creative with some splatter paint left at the bottom of the bottles and a few dance moves, and here’s what I ended up with in the end:

We even managed to sneak in a quick photo shoot with Ranger before the flag got hung in its rightful place.  Something about this just seems right, don’t you think?

Happy [Almost] Memorial Day!



8 thoughts on “Stars and Stripes {Part II}

  1. OMG I can hardly stand it! Ranger is growing so big and looks so HANDSOME! America at it’s finest! Love the flag, Ranger, (DaDa) and YOU! Awesome job! Have a great memorial day!

  2. Thanks for sharing your projects with us. I love to see them and to keep up with what your doing.
    And Justin thank you for serving. Happy Memorial weekend 🙂 Look how big Ranger is getting…so cute!

  3. How did you add your splatter? Super cute! Working on one now, and just like you, I don’t want it to be too clean.

    • Sorry for the delayed response! I got most of my splatter by dipping a small paintbrush into the paint container and just flicking it around (best done outside with newspaper underneath). I used small bottles of craft store paint, so when I ran out, I just shook out the rest of the bottle on the flag to top it off! Let me know if you make one – I’d love to see how it turns out! xo

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