Hello April

Hello April

Happiest of New Years, New Months, and New Seasons to You!

I’m not quite sure how it got to be April already. I started writing this blog post back in January, and suddenly one day rolled into the next {insert travel, work, and new puppy} and now four months have swooshed by without a single post.

When I wrote “see you next year” back in December, I thought I meant next week or next month–as in January 2014. Apparently not. Nevertheless, January or April, it’s still a new year. New month. New week. New blog post. Same old passion and California love.

Back in January, I spent a lot of time thinking about my goals for the new year, for my home and for my blog. And after much reflection, the right answer seemed to be to keep on keeping on. While With Love, From California was an idea in my head and my heart for some time, the blog didn’t come to life until October 2013. Which means all the love, adventure, crafts, décor, and excitement you’ve seen so far has only covered a span of three[ish] months. Hard to believe, isn’t it?

In just three short months we managed to cover both fall and winter décor, holiday decorations, outdoor planters, DIY furniture building, and more, all while sprucing up our new California home and filling it with love. I’m incredibly proud of all I’ve accomplished {in our home and on the blog} and incredibly thankful for all of you that have been reading along and sending your lovely thoughts and comments my way.

Now, as we start a fresh season and spring unfolds around us full of new life and fresh starts, it seems like the perfect time to breathe some life back into With Love, From California.

So for the remainder of 2014 my resolution is to jump back into it. To keep up the creativity, the passion, and the crafting. And to keep me focused and motivated from here on out, I thought I’d share with you some of the projects I have planned for the next few months. {Spoiler alert: If you follow me on Instagram @ withlovefromcalifornia, you know I haven’t been a total slacker these last few months. Some of these projects are already completed or under way!}

{The Musts}

1. Backboard for our Master Bedroom Headboard – You probably saw our salvaged fireplace turned headboard that was featured in one of my 7 Days of Holiday Cheer posts {Day 6: Decorate the Unexpected}. What you probably didn’t see are all the pillows, cell phone chargers, books, and other nonsense which is constantly falling into the fireplace opening that needs to be blocked off in an aesthetically pleasing manner. The truth is, Justin and I purchased the supplies for this project about six months ago, but have yet to find the motivation to take it on.

2. & 3. Palette Wall Art – Remember when Justin and I hit up Last Place Mercantile and ended up with a whole bunch of old pallets and salvaged wood? Or if you follow me on Instagram, when we discovered those beautiful and free pallet shelves on the side of Route 1? Well, they’ve been sitting in our back yard for months now just waiting to be turned into something pretty. Specifically, I’ve got big plans for some all-American wall art including a flag for our family room and a map of the United States for our guest room.

4. Vintage Sign – I recently purchased some antiquing wax which I. Can. Not. Wait. To. Use. Coupled with our salvaged wood sitting out back and the perfect empty space sitting above our kitchen/family room cut-out, it is all just screaming for some crafty attention.

5. Cross-Country Memories – I have some fantastic photos from our cross-country trip out to California that need to be sorted through, developed, and properly hung and admired. The only question is when, where, and how.

{The Maybes}

1. DIY Furniture Re-do – We need one more piece of furniture—preferably a small dresser—for our guest bedroom. I’ve been on the lookout on Craigslist, at flea markets, etc., and am hoping to find something to sand down, paint a lovely blue or distressed white, and refinish to my heart’s delight.

2. Jewelry organization – Too much costume jewelry, too little organization. I might have seen something fantastic on Pinterest that I’m just itching to build/craft/try…

3. Something for our pup – Justin and I recently welcomed a new member into our family—an adorable, snuggly, curious, much-loved yellow lab named Ranger. While we’ve been busy spoiling him with treats and toys, I have yet to craft him something homemade. I’m thinking maybe something to organize all his toys? I’m still working on building out my pet board on Pinterest, which you can check out here.

So that’s what’s on the agenda for now. What do you think? Do you have a favorite idea you can’t wait to see? Has anything on my Pinterest board sparked your imagination? Let me know! And welcome back!



8 thoughts on “Hello April

  1. Looking forward to the cross country entry and to see what you come up with for that wood!! Will have to visit soon and see 🙂 happy April, xoxo

  2. Oh yes! Love the idea of using a fireplace as a headboard! Can’t wait to see how you fix it up to make it more functional (aka stop swallowing your pillows and phone chords and other yummy things fireplaces eat). Also organization for jewlery, please, as mine is always in a bag just psssh. I love how you refinish furniture- LIKE.A.PRO. oh and what about a homemade wooden plush bed for Ranger?! Love the toy organizer- I tried organizing my pup’s toys but he always takes his toys out and never puts them back sighhhh

  3. So glad you are resuming your blog. I look forward to all your inspirational ideas. Can’t wait to see what crafty ideas are in the making!

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