7 Days of Holiday Cheer {Day 7: Make Your Own Decorative Accents}

Day 7:  Make Your Own Decorative Accents 

One of my favorite things about the holidays is the opportunity for some serious crafting.  While creating your own holiday decorations certainly takes more time than simply picking something up off the shelf and swiping your credit card, it is so very much more fun.  Not to mention, you get to unpack it year after year and lovingly remember the time spent making and creating it (made even better if you craft with friends). Ornaments are always my favorite go-to holiday craft.  I try to come up with a new idea each year to add to my tree and to gift to friends.  It’s a great tradition and it makes decorating the tree every year that much more fun.  Here are a few of my favorite projects from holidays past:

One year, my mom and I made these adorable signs together:

And then she came up with the idea for these wine cork reindeer ornaments, which my friends went nuts for (mainly because we got to drink all the wine needed to make them):

7 Days of Holiday Cheer

Another year I had way too much fun making this DIY garland out of gift ribbon, wooden cut outs, clothespins, and a dusting of glitter, to hold our holiday cards:

This year, I spray painted and sewed all that wonderful star garland, which I’m already excited to pack away and pull out of the box next year.

I also spied a papier-mâché deer head at the craft store and couldn’t resist taking it home (after using a 50% off coupon) to turn it into this guy, who is now hanging on our dining room wall:

And each year I redecorate my holiday wreath to match my accent color and theme.  Here’s this year’s rendition:

7 Days of Holiday Cheer

If you’re still wondering what to make and how to do it, check out my {Winter} Holiday Decorating Pinterest Board here for inspiration and ideas.

Happy crafting {and see you in the new year}!



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