7 Days of Holiday Cheer {Day 6: Decorate the Unexpected}

Day 6: Decorate the Unexpected

I always love flipping through holiday catalogs and seeing all the creative ways the people who style them come up with to decorate your home.  But sometimes I just have to roll my eyes.  Not everyone has a fireplace in their bedroom.  And who has the money and storage space to purchase separate holiday bedding just for their guest room?  And who has a mini Christmas tree in their bathroom?

…But then I realized, I was just jealous.  I wanted a fireplace in my bedroom, and separate holiday guest room bedding, and a Christmas tree in my bathroom.  Who wouldn’t?

So this year, I decided to decorate the unexpected and I challenge you to, too.  Pick a room in your house you wouldn’t normally decorate for the holidays and get to it.  Maybe it’s your bedroom or guest room.  A downstairs bathroom.  Your mudroom.  A kid’s playroom.  Whatever you pick, the mere sight of decorating what doesn’t usually get decorated will put you in the holiday spirit for sure.  It’s like unwrapping a present every time you enter the room and see it.  How exciting!

This year, I decided to decorate our bedroom and I am so very glad I did.  I wanted to keep it clean and simple, but even just a few festive touches have me smiling each evening when I climb into bed and send me off to sleep with holiday-cheer-filled dreams.  I picked up an extra garland and matching wreath at Michaels (they now have up to 70% off all their holiday décor!); the garland got wrapped around our headboard and tucked around some pretty silver candlesticks that sit up top, and the wreath got hung from our big bedroom window that looks out onto the bay.  I added a few smaller touches throughout the room—leftover holiday decorations that didn’t have a home—that got set on top of dressers and nightstands to add some holiday cheer.  I love it so much I’m planning on keeping up the wreath and garlands all winter long.


Not sure what to decorate in your house?  Here are a few photos for inspiration:

Above:  {Left}  Front porch by The Yellow Cape Cod  |  {Right}  Front porch by Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll

Above:  {Left}  Bedroom by Pottery Barn  |  {Right}  Bedroom by French Country Cottage

Above:  {Left}  Bedroom by Pottery Barn  |  {Right}  Bathroom by HollyDays

Above:  {Left}  Bathroom by El Mueble  |  {Right}  Mudroom by Golden Boys & Me

Now get to it!



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