7 Days of Holiday Cheer {Day 5: Turn Down the Lights and Turn Up the Sparkle}

Day 5:  Turn Down the Lights and Turn Up the Sparkle

You know there was no way I was going to do 7 days of holiday cheer and not add some sparkle, right?  Holiday cheer makes me think of late nights by the fire, drinking hot chocolate and eggnog, and staring at the sparkly lights of the tree.  There’s something about the holiday spirit that just invites dimmed lights, lots of candles, and that magical sparkle.

So this holiday season, turn down your lights and turn up your sparkle.  Start by stocking your home with lots of candles.  Jar, taper, pillar, tea lights.  Any kind, any color.  I found a bunch of pillar candles in my accent color hiding in a closet, which I promptly brought out and displayed all over the house.  I still had my fall lanterns sitting out with white candles and pinecones inside (probably a fire hazard, but so far, so good), which I moved by the fireplace for extra light and coziness.  A lovely friend and avid blog reader sent me a pine-scented Diamond Candle in hunter green which makes the entire house smell fantastic when lit.  I can’t stop burning it and I’m so glad it’s lasting forever.

I try to live by the rule that every time I light a candle, I shut off a light.  You may not have this many candles, or you may not want to risk setting your house on fire, or perhaps you want to spend your evenings doing something that you actually need to see to do (e.g. gift wrapping, holiday baking, crafting, etc.).  In that case, try stringing up a few extra Christmas lights around the house.  Just like ornaments, Christmas lights aren’t just for the tree.  String them above doorways, across headboards, around lamps, and over railings.  This year, we wove a couple of strands around the railings of our back deck.  It looks fantastic both from inside and outside the house, plus it’s great for entertaining.

And if you turn down the lights, you’re going to need to turn up the sparkle.  Filling your house with glittery glitz not only makes it feel festive, it gives your twinkling lights something shiny to bounce off of to create more light and spread even more holiday cheer.

I doubled up on my gold glitter pinecones this holiday season.  If you can’t find these in a store by you, they are super easy to make with a bag of regular pinecones and a can of gold glitter spray paint.  If you read my post on Day 2 of Holiday Cheer {Bring Nature Into Your Home}, then you already know these glamorous pinecones are spread throughout my house sitting in mason jars, sprinkled on tabletops, and as a centerpiece on our coffee table.

I didn’t want too much glitter incorporated into my holiday décor (I was trying to keep it more rustic), but I did find red plaid ribbon with a thin gold trim that I used as an accent on many of my holiday decorations as well as around our Christmas tree.

Finally, I spied these adorable star garlands over at The Handmade Home and just couldn’t resist trying them.  I used a “Brilliant Gold” spray paint by Design Master, which turned out a lovely shade of gold that was just right (not too sparkly, not too dull).  I made enough garland for our Christmas tree, but I once it was up I loved it so much I went back for a second round to dress up the rest of our dining room.  And of course, there were a few stars left over, so I just couldn’t help but string them across the mantle to tie the two rooms together.  If you have a sewing machine, this is such a fun and easy project.  You can find the instructions over at The Handmade Home here.

Whatever kind of sparkle you decide to add, I hope it shines as bright as your holiday spirit.



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