Be Our Guest: Sneak Peek!

I’ve talked a lot about our recent cross-country move from east coast to west coast and one of the many perks of the move: more space.  As you know, I’ve been quite busy clipping coupons and crafting to my heart’s desire in order to fill that space with new finds and projects and décor that makes me smile.  One room I haven’t talked too much about yet is our guest room.  That’s because up until the other week, there wasn’t anything to talk about.  There was a room.  With a bed.  And that’s about it.

And that might have been fine if I wasn’t blessed with a crazy urge to decorate everything in sight.  Or perhaps if we didn’t have too many guests stopping by.  But, as it turns out, I do have a crazy urge to decorate everything in sight.  And when you live ocean-side, people do seem to want to come visit.  In our first four months here, Justin and I have had seven visitors.  I like to think that’s a testament to our awesome friends and family, but something tells me it might have to do with the sun, sea, and sand surrounding us.

When we first moved in, all we had in the guest room was an extra mattress and box spring set that had been in storage in DC.  Not wanting our guests to have to sleep on the floor, but not wanting to spend a ton of money on a new bed either, we settled on a happy medium by purchasing a basic metal bed frame from Target.

I started looking at headboards and dressers and lamps and the like to help fill out the room, but everything was just so expensive.  Because I couldn’t find anything I loved that was within our budget, and because I was more focused on other more important rooms in our house {sorry guests}, the guest room got put on hold for a while.

Until one day I had a lot of coffee and a little bit of inspiration and I decided that Justin and I could just build our own pieces for the guest room.  Which is what inspired the other weekend’s trip to Last Chance Mercantile and all the fun photos of me staining and power sanding and such that you’ve probably already seen if you follow me on Instagram {if not, you can follow me @ withlovefromcalifornia}.

If you read my post about the origins of my style, you know I am a rustic kind of girl with a love for dark wood stains and exposed beams.  So Justin and I decided to start by turning those elements into a guest room headboard.  We were inspired by Pottery Barn’s Benchwright Collection—a collection of beautifully made rustic-looking furniture in a rich mahogany stain.  I’ve been in love with this collection for years, and Justin and I were finally able to pick up a few pieces for our family room at Pottery Barn’s end of the summer sale this year.  Our new coffee and console table look so darn good in our family room, that we kept talking about how great it would be to have something similar in our guest room.

via Pottery Barn

So we headed out to Last Chance Mercantile hoping to find some reclaimed barn wood, or at least some thick old pallets to build a headboard out of.  While our trip wasn’t a total loss (see Home Sweet Home and Wall Sconce Re-do), we didn’t find exactly what we were looking for.  We took a second trip to our local Habitat for Humanity Restore, but came up empty on that front as well.  We probably could have kept hunting, but we were so excited about our idea that we just wanted to get to work.

We ultimately decided that not only were we going to build our own headboard, but that we were going to distress our own wood to make it happen.  It was a BIG undertaking, but I’m happy to say we did it.  I’m SO excited to share it with you and with our next set of guests.  For now, here’s a sneak peek:

Project details and instructions coming shortly!



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