How to Transition from Fall to Winter: Be Thankful

Somehow, it’s already mid-way through November and Thanksgiving is quickly approaching.  Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that can sometimes get lost in its prime space between the fun of Halloween and the rush to celebrate Christmas.  But not in this house.  While Halloween means lots of sweet treats and spooky scares, and Christmas and Hanukkah mean family and togetherness, Thanksgiving is perhaps the most important holiday of all—a time to count your blessings and be appreciative for what you have.  To slow down, breathe a little bit, and take it all in.

Thanksgiving can be a difficult holiday to decorate for since in many parts of the country, fall is long gone and winter is well underway.  By the end of November, most of us are itching to pack away those fall pumpkins and bust out some winter greens.  Not so fast though.  In our house, the rule is that fall stays out until Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is not allowed out of the box until December 1st.  Hanukkah is throwing me for a loop this year starting in November, so I’m not about to put any hard and fast rules on that one.  {Side note, if you haven’t seen it yet, check out this awesome BuzzFeed post on Thanksgivukkah with great ideas and recipes for how to combine the two holidays.}

The other week I finally acquiesced to putting away my spooky Halloween decorations, but the fall décor is still running its course in this house.  As we dip further into November though and temperatures dip further downward, I wanted to make sure I made the transition between seasons smoothly.  For me, that meant finding a way to bridge the gap between fall and winter décor.  My secret weapon?  Pinecones.

Up until this point, the majority of my pinecones have been tucked away in mason jars or other forms of decorative glass.  But seeing as they are falling away on the ground outside, I wanted to give them a more prominent presence in our house.  So back to the craft store I went for another bag.  The cinnamon scented pinecones I love so much were on sale at Michaels this week for $2.99.  I happily scooped up an extra bag and brought them home to sprinkle about.

This time around I let them sit out in the open.  On a bookshelf.  Next to a candle.  Beside a picture frame.  Their rich dark color tempers down the bright oranges of my fall décor and their cinnamon scent reminds me of spiced cider and holiday treats to come.

Of course, you know I also had to put out a few turkeys.  Turkeys can be a tricky thing to find, since they’re often incredibly tacky.  Sorry, they just are.  Luckily, I’ve been able to collect a few favorites over the years while trying to keep it [somewhat] classy.

Another great way that I’ve found to transition between seasons is to change the color of your pumpkins.  Just like I added more dark brown pinecones to mute out my fall colors and prepare them for winter, I am a big fan of turning your pumpkins from orange to white during the month of November.  If you purchased real pumpkins, a can of spray paint will do the trick.  Just make sure you cover your stems with tape first to keep their natural brown color.

This year I found these ceramic pumpkins at Michaels for $9.99 each {plus a 40% off coupon of course!}, and I am loving them.  I couldn’t quite bring myself to cover up my hand painted pumpkins with white paint, so these were my compromise.

Here are a few more cute ideas I’ve spied on Pinterest to help you decorate your home for Thanksgiving and remind you to count your blessings daily.

Clockwise from Top Left:

1.  Grateful Wall Art from Catherina’s Creative Corner.  I fell in love with this idea the minute I saw it.  I haven’t found the time yet to sit down and make one of my own, but it is definitely on my to-do list.

2.  Giving Thanks Banner by Carina Gardner.  How cute is this idea?  You can add new leaves to the garland each day of the month.

3.  Thanksgiving Mantle by A Diamond in the Stuff.  There are those white pumpkins again!  This muted palette is a great way to transition your mantle from fall into winter.  And I just adore the pumpkin and flag combination.

4.  Thanksgiving Pillow Covers from Dear Lillie {$24.95 each}.  If you don’t know Dear Lillie, you should.  All her items are hand-lettered, her blog is fantastic, and her home is impeccably decorated.

5.  Thanksgiving Note Cards from the Rifle Paper Company {$4.50-$18.00}.  These whimsical little forest critters make me smile every time I look at them.  You can purchase the note cards as a boxed set to send to friends, or individually to frame as Thanksgiving wall art.

Happy Thanksgivi-fying!



3 thoughts on “How to Transition from Fall to Winter: Be Thankful

  1. I love your blog and I am so thankful and blessed to have such an inspiring and crafty daughter whose prose I am lucky to read on a daily basis.

  2. I am thankful for having you in my life and for having the opportunity to feel connected to you cross country through reading your blog.

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