Home Sweet Home

I’m finally back home and it feels so good!  While I love travel and I love my mom and sister even more, there is just something about coming home to your own house and your own bed that makes the soul happy.  But of course, being back at home means getting back to work on my own house and that pesky list of projects that always seems to be growing longer and longer.

Justin and I spent my first weekend back reevaluating our to-do list, prioritizing projects, and making what we call a “battle plan” (I’m married to an Army Ranger, I can’t help it).  Revitalized with Saturday morning coffee, blue skies, and a bit of fall plaid–you really can’t fall craft without it–we hit the road and headed out to one of our favorite new California finds, a place called Last Chance Mercantile.  It’s a recycling center coupled with a Goodwill-style shop coupled with the town dump.  In short, it’s pretty fantastic.  They have everything from old office furniture to used skis to half-full cans of paint to homemade compost to clothing.  On our last visit I even saw a boat.  And a hot tub.

For our particular purposes, they also have reclaimed wood, as well as busted up old pallets.  So we hmmmmed and we hawwwwed and we inspected, and in the end we came home with two pallets, a bunch of old boards, and a set of brass wall sconces.  The grand total of our visit?  $9.

We didn’t quite find everything we were looking for though, so we headed over to Home Depot next for some sturdy pine boards, screws, and wood stain.  And we left looking like this:

Determining that we probably couldn’t fit anything else in, around, or on top of the truck without injuring passersby, we headed home to get to work.  Check back soon to see what this pile of wood turned into!



5 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

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