Coming Soon: Rae’s Texas Family Room Makeover

My big sister lives in Austin, Texas, where her and her husband recently made the jump from apartment renters to homeowners.  And not just any home.  Steve.

That’s right, her house’s name is Steve.

It’s kind of a tradition in our family that we name important things and/or big ticket purchases.  Cars, fancy handbags, and especially houses.  They all get named out of love.  Fearing my sister would name their house something ridiculous (she named her current car Priscilla and her previous one Francesca), my brother-in-law quickly took to calling their house Steve.  And it stuck.

Steve is a two-story, three-bedroom brand spanking new-build right outside of Austin, Texas.

{Meet Steve}

As you can see, my sister and her husband did a fabulous job picking out colors, building materials, and the overall design aesthetic.  The inside of the house looks just as good, except that it needed just a little bit of dressing up and, of course, filling with love.  The jump from an apartment to a big new house was a substantial one, and even though my sister loves shopping more than anyone I know, even she needed help with this task.

So in came the reinforcements.  My mom from New York and me from California.  (I told my sister if nothing else, she can tell people she flew in decorators from NY and CA.  Ha.)  Fresh off our success at my place back in California (check out My Epically Awesome Mom, our Fall Monogram Hanger, and our super easy yet adorable Acorn Hanger), my mom and I hopped on a plane to Texas and immediately got to work.

"Mom & Me" headed to Austin, TX!

“Mom & Me” at the airport headed to Austin, TX!

I have to admit, I did do a bit of obligatory prep work first.  My sister informed me that her new decorating style would be “farmhouse glam” and sent me email after email of photos she liked so I could get a good feel for the look she wanted.  I ended up creating a Pinterest board for her family room, which was our main focus (at least on this trip).

My sister wanted to stick mostly to neutral colors {black, white, & tan} with a bit of “glam” {silver} and perhaps a pop or two of color.  Before our visit, she had freshly painted her walls a light tan color, and had found some great new furniture finds to go with her “farmhouse glam” style.  So all she really needed was the fun stuff – lamps, pillows, throws, photos, wall art, and of course, some tchotchkes.  Check out the Pinterest board to see what I came up with before the trip, and check back soon for Rae’s Texas Family Room Makeover to see how it all turned out!

Some of my favorite inspirational items we were thinking of including:

From top left moving clockwise:  1.  Rustic Texas Map Whitewash Wall Art by Rustic Post on Etsy {$34.99}  |  2.  Pottery Barn Antique Mercury Glass Lamps {$160-$200}  |  3.  Home is My Happy Place Wall Art available at Bed Bath & Beyond {$29.99}  |  4.  Pottery Barn Sequin Tile Pillow Cover {$59.50}  |  5.  World Market Sophie Vintage Key Frame, Set of 3 {$38.97}

And the rooms that gave us inspiration:

Sources from top left moving clockwise:  1.  Pottery Barn  |  2.  Dear Lillie  |  3.  Pure Style Home  |  4.  Arts & Classy  |  5.  Pottery Barn  |  6.  Pottery Barn  |  7.  Better Homes and Gardens

Wondering what your decorating style is?  Take this quiz from Better Homes and Gardens (my sister’s source for determining her farmhouse glam style).  I was skeptical at first, but I think they nailed my style spot-on.  BHG cited my style as “polished casual.”

You love to mix and match your favorites from several styles, so Polished Casual is the best way to describe your look. Crisp, fresh, and always comfortable, this approach anchors itself in neutral, subtle hues and furniture that isn’t fussy but isn’t slouchy either. Pair your clean-lined sofa with a dark leather wing chair or a weathered metal table—anything goes, but simplicity is key.

Yes, yes, and yes.  You’re too good BHG.  Get out of my head.  Or my Look Book.



9 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Rae’s Texas Family Room Makeover

    • Me too! The link is right below it if you happen to live in | come from | love Texas. And it’s only $35! I’m actually thinking of taking a crack at making something similar soon…we’ll see how it turns out 🙂

  1. My house next, please! I don’t have a name for it except “home” but it needs some wall love- especially a fun hall gallery wall. January project!

  2. such a happy post – you and your mom at it again, but this time, with your sister:) your sister and i share a similar aesthetic – love love farmhouse glam. i bet restoration hardware would have some good inspiration? i’m following you on pinterest now 🙂

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