My Epically Awesome Mom

Mom & Me @ the Ferry Building Marketplace in San Francisco, CA

Mom & Me @ the Ferry Building Marketplace in San Francisco, CA

My mom has always been one crafty lady.  I consider her to be the original do-it-yourself-er in my life.  When my sister and I were little and in need of constant entertainment, our mom’s solution was always simple: let’s do a craft.  We made sand art and paper mâché, we painted rocks and pots, we strung beads, we glued sequins, and we repurposed everything from coffee filters (into beautiful butterflies) to toilet paper tubes (into hungry alligators or exploding fireworks).  As we grew older, the crafts progressed.  My mom helped with everything from my Hollywood-themed Sweet 16 birthday party to decorating my college dorm room to DIY wedding crafts when I got married last year.

Justin and I have been in our house in California for about three months now.  I like to think we’ve made pretty good progress on the unpacking and decorating and making it feel like home, but I knew my mom’s October visit would take it to a whole nother level.  I don’t know what it is, but there is just something about a mother’s touch.  Especially my mom.  She can fix, create, and decorate just about anything and make it look utterly fabulous.

My mom flew in on a Wednesday, and after a couple of what we lovingly call “Mom & Me” days, my house was transformed.  Somehow, there seemed to be a bit more stuff in it, and a whole lot more love.  In just a few short days of her being here, we covered everything from rugs and lamps to tchotchkes and trinkets to holiday crafts and décor.  I should have taken some before photos of our place so you can see what a difference she made with only a few little (but hugely important) touches, but instead I’ll share with you some of our favorite finds.

Disclaimer: I had a Pottery Barn rewards certificate that was just itching to be spent and they were hosting their Pre-Holiday Friends & Family event {read: 20% off EVERYTHING in the store PLUS my military discount} the weekend my mom was here, so I really just couldn’t help myself.  The best part was with everything we picked out, minus my rewards certificate, I only spent $2.42!

{A Few of Our Favorite Finds}

Above LeftPottery Barn Pocket Watch Clock, Size Medium in Nickel Finish {$49} {I paid $35}

Above Right:  Brass Bird from Beverly’s {$4.99} {$2.99 with a 40% off coupon}.  My mom and I named the bird Bev and she is happy as can be perched up on top of an oversized mason jar on our mantle.

Above LeftPottery Barn Antique Silver Drink Coasters, Set of 4 {$29} {on sale right now for $24.50} {I paid $21}

Above Right:  1.  Pottery Barn Grainsack Stripe Pillow Cover, 20″ Square {$39.50} {I paid $35}   2.  Pottery Barn Sweater Knit Pillow Cover in Ivory, 26″ Euro Square {$39} {I paid $28}.  These snuggly pillow covers are sold in-store only and unfortunately are not available online, although you can find something similar here.  They are so worth a trip to the store.  They’re soft and warm and perfect for those cold autumn nights.   3.  Pottery Barn Jute Braid Pillow Cover in Sailor Blue, 20″ Square {$39} {on sale right now for $9.99 and up depending on color}.  They were actually out of this pillow cover in “sailor blue” in the store and online, which is the color I wanted, so I snagged this one off eBay for under $30.  The last monogrammed pillow is also PB, but it’s from a couple seasons ago.  Tip:  See something you love in an old magazine or catalog that is no longer in stores?  Check it out on eBay.  I’ve found fabulous stuff on there NWT (new with tags) for a fraction of the price!

Above:  This might be one of my favorite deals of the trip!  I’ve been eying up this lamp for a while now: Pottery Barn’s Adair Floor Lamp in Antique Bronze Finish.  The price tag gave me anxiety though.  Its regular price is $199.  Plus it’s only available online, not in stores, which means you can’t even see it before you buy it.  Lucky for me, someone had purchased one online and returned it to my local PB store.  The store was obviously trying to get rid of it because it was on sale for $107.  Add to that my discounts, and I ended up paying $77.  We placed it between our smaller couch and our bookshelf and voilà: instant reading nook!

Above Left:  Oriental Runner from Ross in Dark Red {$14.99}.  I think it really pulls together the area between the couch and the console table, don’t you?

Above RightPottery Barn Small Double Handled Tuscan Urn {$34} {I paid $24}.  This is the same look I was going for with my DIY Rustic Fall Planters.  I might not have been able to afford the real PB Planters, but I figured one small urn was worth the splurge.  The only problem was once we got it home, my mom and I realized we needed something big and fabulous to fill it with.  We were perplexed until — fast forward — the next morning we were driving down to Big Sur, CA, and we saw this totally-utterly-fabulous-had-to-have-it giant wheat grass growing on the side of the road.  So we did a bit of off-roading to access the stalks, stopped to cut some down, and snapped a picture or two before excitedly coming back home victorious.

What do you think?  Doesn’t it all make our house feel so much more like home?  I love love love it.  Not only do I get to enjoy all these beautiful things for their looks, but I now get to look around our house and see my mom’s touch in every room and relive all the fun times we had shopping and crafting and decorating together.  Sigh, happiness.

Thanks Mom!  And please come back again soon!

Love, Shay

Mom & Me @ With Love, From CA

Mom & Me checking out the seals @ Lover’s Point, Pacific Ocean

P.S.  Stay tuned! More “Mom & Me” crafting adventures coming soon!


9 thoughts on “My Epically Awesome Mom

  1. So much fun – the pleasure was all mine – all 28 yrs!
    You transformed your house into a home – full of love…and in the process we created new adventures of “Mom & Me!” Can’t wait until the next installment!

  2. “mom&me” days are the best 🙂 $2.42 on a pottery barn shopping spree? giiirl i’m jealous. except not for long — i still have some gift cards left over from my wedding… so maybe i’ll do my own little spree? i’m getting a little excited just thinking about it 🙂 also.. you should share your home pictures on dwellinggawker 🙂

    • I’d never heard of dwellinggawker until today. You might have changed my life.
      P.S. My local PB store is having a customer appreciation day this Saturday – 15% off all in-store purchases. You should call yours and see if they are too. Also, double points on the PB credit card from today through Monday if you have one!

    • Heather, I had the law books in my office for a while, but I never used them. Not once. I eventually concluded that their best use was looking fancy on a bookshelf, so I brought them home to decorate with. All my favorite law books just happen to reflect all my favorite colors in our family room, plus I love the look of the fancy ones with gold embossing against the dark wood. Our house might not smell like rich mahogany, but at least we have many leather-bound books 😉 Thanks for reading!

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