The “Look Book” Goes Digital (Thank You Pinterest!)

Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 2.24.03 PMMy mother-in-law has a fabulous sense of style, and early on in our relationship she told me how when she was younger she would save photos and magazine articles of things she liked in a file folder so that when she finally bought a house one day she would know exactly what she wanted.  I absolutely loved this idea and quickly got to cutting and clipping and ripping apart my Pottery Barn catalogs and other paraphernalia for my future home.

Seeing the ridiculous pile I was building, my now husband gifted me a “look book” for the holidays one year.  Essentially, it was a large scrapbook broken down by room where I could store all my photos and ideas in an organized manner.   At the time, I was in law school, and I took to filling in my look book with a vengeance rivaled only by the passion I had for procrastination and not doing my Civil Procedure reading.  What started out as a simple storage solution quickly turned into an ornate scrapbook project.

As the years wore on, the look book grew, until it finally became that magical time for Justin and I to end up back in the same place.  The night we found our first apartment together and signed the lease, I immediately pulled out the look book.  And bless his heart, Justin went through it with me room-by-room and page-by-page as we chose themes, picked paint colors, debated furniture arrangements, and made a serious to-do list.  Since then, the look book has continued to grow.  I even convinced Justin to start one of his own, which includes less home decorating ideas and more DIY building plans and adventures.

Recently, with the move to a bigger place in California and with the advent of this blog, I decided to take the look book digital.  I [finally] joined Pinterest and it was the very first board I created.  If you look me up on Pinterest, you’ll see a board entitled “Shayna’s Look Book,” which carries over many of the home decorating ideas in my look book into a digital format.  This means you no longer need to be sitting next to me at my kitchen table to peruse my ideas and inspirations.  You’ll also see a board entitled “Arrington Dream House” which borrows ideas from the look book too, but instead of decorating, it focuses solely on architecture, fixtures, and design.

Thanks to the ease and versatility of Pinterest, I was also able to electronically compile so many of the wonderful and exciting ideas I have for this blog and for our home.  Trying not to get too out of control, I broke my other ideas down by season and by DIY building crafts (which will likely require Justin’s assistance at some point) and DIY crafts (which I should be able to handle on my own).  I am incredibly excited for this new form of digital organization.

Yes, I know it’s been out there for a while, but I am finally on board!  So look me up, check out my boards, follow my pins, and let me know what you think I should work on next!

-Shayna {October 2013}


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