The Origins of My Style

I grew up in a very modern house in Buffalo, New York.  My parents’ style was extremely contemporary, with everything in the house being black or white, glass or mirrors.  As kids, my sister and I were trained early on about what was appropriate to touch and what was not.  We put blankets on the white sofa before sitting down.  We only ate in the kitchen.  We never left dishes in the sink.  We always put our toys away.  Needless to say, there were LOTS of rules.

My mom had a much-loved ceramic statue of a black whip-it dog, which sat atop a glass console table behind a pristine white couch.  I lived in constant fear of that whip-it and the wrath I knew would await me if anything happened to it (Mom, if you’re reading this, you know it’s true).  Twenty-eight years later it’s still in tact, but even now, I refuse to touch it.

As much as I loved the house I grew up in, I want the type of house that I don’t have to fear breaking things in.  Because of this, I’ve always shied away from modern forms of decorating and leaned more towards a feeling of good old worn and broken in.   When I’m in my house, I don’t want to have to put a blanket down on the couch before I sit down, I want to be able to eat in the family room, and I want it to be okay to leave dishes in the sink overnight (sorry, Mom).

Also, I think because I live so far away from where I grew up and from all the family and friends and comforts of “home,” I crave finding a feeling of home in my own space.  I crave the feeling of walking into a place and having it feel comfortable and broken in.  Like you could just grab a book off the table and snuggle up with a warm soft blanket and drift off to sleep as you dreamed happy dreams of all the lovely things around you.

I think that’s why I’ve always been drawn towards things that make me feel relaxed.  Comfy couches.  Plush fabrics.  Plaid and more plaid.  Reclaimed wood.  Dark stains.  Inviting accent colors.  Embroidered fabrics.  Yummy smelling candles.  Old books.  Chipped pottery.  Worn leather.  Mismatched pillows.  Steamer trunks.  Wicker baskets.  Snuggly blankets.

Our new home in California, already filled with some of my favorite things

Our new home in California, already filled with some of my favorite things

As I start to build a home for myself and my family, these are the things I try to keep in mind.  Is it comfortable?  Does it look like it can stand a little bit of wear and tear?  And most importantly, does it feel like “home”?

These are my staples and the things I’ll be working to incorporate into my home throughout the course of this blog.  I hope you’ll continue to read along to see when and how inspiration strikes and how it all (hopefully) comes together!

-Shayna {August 2013}


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